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Murder in the Name of Honor is Still Practiced in India

In India marrying someone outside your caste or religion can be a death sentence. Honor killings are not uncommon in some of the rural areas across India. Although there are no laws that say you must marry within your caste or religion, local rural courts have been known to act as if there are. Those who choose to marry outside their caste or religion in these communities are risking their lives for love. Some of these local courts, called panchayats, will expel offending community members and turn a blind eye if the couples end up dead. These honor killings are often perpetrated by the people that are the closest to the couples, like community members and even family members. There is an ongoing battle to get the police to investigate and prosecute those guilty of honor killings, but for now it seems that many of those in law enforcement have the same mindset as the killers.

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