Strengthening Women & Child Rights in India. Ensuring a better world for our future generations through education of children, empowerment of women and protection of environment.

Our Mission

Work actively for the progress and welfare of women and children.

Help women & children utilize to the fullest the Fundamental Rights conferred on them by the Constitution of India.

To work for a society where women and children are free from all types of violence.

To support, empower women and prepare them for taking up leadership roles.

Strengthen Institutional and state responses to violence against women and children.

Work on right to education, access to better health facilities & protection of environment Ensure access to justice for women and children

The Work We Do

Working on the Ground for Rescue, Protection, Repatriation, Reintegration of women and child victims of human trafficking and sexual assault.

Working towards supporting women victims of violence and sexual assault and helping then in their fight to access justice and ensuring strong legal representations

Working to strengthen law enforcement, state agencies, child protection and civil society responses to combatting human trafficking and violence against women and children

Working with law enforcement, education department, panchayats and community groups to ensure prevention of human trafficking and violence against women and children

Work with state/ statutory authorities on new legislation and support the state in implementation of policies programmes & schemes for the benefit of women and children

Monitoring legal developments and the implementation of specific legislation concerning Women & Child rights

Providing technical support to state agencies, academies and civil society for strengthening Women and Child rights issues in India

To conduct empirical research on the implementation of laws and their impact on women’s and children lives

To prepare position papers, fact sheets and backgrounders on various facets of the law vis-à-vis discrimination against Women and Children

Creating Centre of Excellence on trainings to law enforcement agencies, Police Training academies & Judicial Academies NGO’s, etc to ensure implementation of laws related to women & child rights and environment

Undertaking action-oriented research into women and child rights issues with a view to strengthen existing laws and propose new laws towards achieving the constitutional goal of equality

To maintain a documentation centre consisting of legislation, studies, reports and cases on issues of Women, Children, Health and Environment

Undertake study, research, document and create issue papers on environmental degradation & violation of environmental laws