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Women reach out for help as they realise they are going to be enslaved


Three women in their thirties were brought to Delhi on the pretext of good jobs were able to save themselves from the clutches of the illegally run placement agent in Punjabi Bagh area of Delhi with the assistance of AHTU, Delhi Police and Shakti Vahini, an NGO on Tuesday. All the three women were brought by one Jyoti from their native place in Sonitpur District of Assam

It is the intelligence of one among the three women and her family, which helped them to save themselves. The girl somehow managed to call her family in Assam. The family then contacted a local journalist who disseminated the information to Shakti Vahini through one Delhi based journalist.

The girl however was not able to reveal her exact where about. A Shakti Vahini representative visited the Lalquarter area of Punjabi Bagh, a hub of the illegally running placement agency for three hours. With the tip off given by the women the representative could trace the four storey building with steep stairs and dingy walls. The clues provided by the victim was of great help in tracing the house.

During their interview with the police the girls alleged that the placement agent forced them to work as domestic helps in Delhi. Reportedly one of the girls was supposed to send to Punjab by Wednesday morning. As soon as the information received the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime, Anti Human Trafficking Unit was contacted under whose leadership the girls were rescued.

The girls also alleged that they were not allowed to talk to their family. When tried to call Jyoti snatched the phone and broke it. They were also beaten by Jyoti for trying to talk to their family. One of the girls were employed in a house of an Army Officer in Paschim Vihar area and the placement agent Jyoti took a commission of Rs.35,000 and two months salary of Rs.12000 in advance. It was also reported that when the women refused to work Jyoti took them back to her place and returned the commission to the employer. However, no money was sent to their family. When the victim came to know about the commission and the advance wages she smelled something fishy and managed to contact the family. None of the victim got a single penny for their work in Delhi.

One victim with tears in eyes said, “I left my three years old son at home just to earn my livelihood. The promise made by the agent was totally different here. We came to know Jyoti through one of our local friends. After coming here we came to know that Jyoti had brought other girls also for employing as domestic helps in Delhi. I would like to go back home soon and take care of my son.”

The other victim said, “Jyoti was talking to somebody that she would send me to Punjab to work as a domestic help. I did not know how to get escape from this. Once we reached Delhi all the three girls were employed in different places and became away from each other. Once I heard that they are sending me to Punjab we made out a plan to get rescued.”

After the rescue the girls were given shelter in shelter home. In the time Shakti Vahini has contacted the Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur district for their speedy restoration.

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