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Shakti Vahini launches India Cyber TIP Helpline to Combat Cyber Crimes related to Women & Children


In our work on cyber enabled trafficking, sexual harassment & exploitation online & sextortion and cyber harassment we have found that many victims continue to suffer silently without lodging complaints as they don’t know the right agency to file complaint or they are not able to follow up. Due to this a lot of perpetrators continue to work with impunity. In social media and through various platforms cyber traffickers and criminals are openly operating. They know that however fast the government agencies act they will not catch up with them as they are bogged down by investigations and pendency.

India Cyber TIP Helpline is an initiative of Anti Trafficking Organization – Shakti Vahini, to facilitate victims/complainants to report cybercrime complaints online to various law enforcement agencies. India Cyber TIP Helpline works in partnership with various Cyber Nodal Agencies of State Police across the country. This initiative caters to complaints pertaining to cyber-crimes only with special focus on cyber-crimes against women and children.

Complaints reported on this Helpline will be reported promptly to law enforcement agencies/ police based on the information available in the complaints. India Cyber TIP Helpline will also follow up the cases and ensure strict action through partnership with various state police agencies.

India Cyber TIP Helpline

  1. Help victims to lodge complaints to investigation agencies and proactively pursue the case.
  2. Undertake monitoring of various platforms to ensure internet safety for women and children. Complaints with law enforcement agencies will be launched to ensure that these criminals are investigated and cases lodged.
  3. Follow up cases in courts to ensure proper prosecution.
  4. Partner with various intermediaries and social media companies to ensure materials which cause harassment to complainants are removed as soon as possible.

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