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Raise Your Voice to End Slavery

Razia (name has been changed) is 18 years old and can only walk with walker in her small cosy hospital room in Govt Hospital in East Delhi. Weak and skinny body, hollow-cheeked face with big pale eyes, a brief smile and unbearable pain, that’s what describes Razia today. When she arrived in hospital in November, 2015, her legs were green and swollen like tree trunk. Doctors were worrying if she can ever be able to walk again, but today she is fighting firmly to get back into her normal life. Once a happy and cheerfully living Razia, is now unable to speak due to intolerable pain and injuries.

No, she did not meet any accident or any usual ailment suddenly. She has been raped, beaten, confined, threatened, gang raped, punched, beaten with sticks and raped again and again and again after being kidnapped and trafficked from her village in South 24 Parganas, in West Bengal around a year ago. Razia, is suffering from severe septic arthritis and HIV out of repeated sexual abuses.

Star 1 page.  II option jpg (2)Razia is not just a story of violence, exploitation, pain, cries, and endless cycle of torture, but is another parallel life running in cities like Delhi which goes unnoticed. Has no-one heard Razia? Has no one saw Razia? How many more Razia do we need to wake us up and break our silence?

In November, 2015, Shakti Vahini come across a case of a 13 year old Suhani (Name has been changed) who was brought to Delhi from Nadia district of West Bengal, on the pretext of good embroidery work. Unaware of her Destiny, she reached Delhi in August 2015 with hopes of good job and better life to support her family. On reaching Delhi, she was forced into prostitution by her traffickers who also threatened her of dire consequences if she dared to object to what they say. Beaten up and raped by the traffickers, she was forced to entertain MEN of all ages in and around Delhi. At a tender age of childhood, she was thrashed, raped, shown pornography and forced to have sex with men against her wish.

Shakila (Name has been changed) was rescued in October, 2015 by Shakti Vahini and CID West Bengal from prostitution. It was in the quest of Shakila, that four more girls were rescued from Delhi’s infamous G.B Road. Shakila, a native of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal was trafficked on the pretext of marriage. A mother a 6 year old son, abandoned by her husband, Shakila thought it to be a new beginning of her and her son’s life. She dreamt of a happy family with one Munna who met her in her village and soon befriended with her. A promise of marriage by Munna convinced her to come to Delhi and marry him. But she was sold off as commodity in Red Light area of Delhi and forced into prostitution.

Human trafficking is violation of all the fundamental rights of the victims and is the worst form of crime against any individual. Presently, Delhi is not merely acting as destination but also a transit to human trafficking. Women and children are being sold off as commodities and cattle for exploitation. Living beings have been reduced to an object for use and abuse which are sold and passed from one had to another. The capital of the country in itself has swallowed hundred and thousands of victims of human trafficking which go unnoticed and unheard. Lucky once get rescued while the unfortunate ones die within the nexus of trafficking and exploitation.

Shakti Vahini strongly believe that the common man can bring a positive change in the present scenario. The residents of Delhi shall come forward and take up the responsibility to make Delhi a Slavery free city. Please inform us about any suspected case of Human Trafficking or Slavery at our Helpline Number : 9582909025 / 42244224


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