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Police Chief Acevedo of Austin Texas visits Shakti Vahini


On 6th December, 2013, Mr. Art Acevedo, Chief Of police, Austin, Mr. Mark R. Nachtrieb, First Secretary, Cultural affair, embassy of USA and Mr. J.P Das, country Exchanges Advisor, Public Affairs Section, Embassy of USA visited Shakti Vahini Office to interact and exchange information on NGO Police Collaborations in combating Violence Against Women. Chief Acevedo was on a visit to India as part of International Summit on US & India Police Chiefs. Mr. Ravi Kant, President Shakti Vahini while welcoming Chief Acevedo gave a detailed information on the organizations efforts to combat human trafficking in India.

Chief. Acevedo emphasised on the partnership of the Civil Society and the Law Enforcement to tackle crimes related to violence against women and children. He said that the key to better policing was to hire the right persons for the law enforcement. He of course emphasised that in-house training process should be continuing programme in the Police Units. The collaboration of NGO and prosecution results in proper investigation in cases related to trafficking and sexual assault. He also mentioned that many NGOs has emerged which are actively working for Job, financial security and building a support systems for women in US.

Chief Visit 2

During the visit to Shakti Vahini he also met a Police team from West Bengal who had come to Delhi for search of trafficked victim.

Chief Acevedo also spoke about various models he had worked on to ensure safety of women and children. He also said that the NGOs and the Police should together launch campaigns to talk about preventive safety measures on violence against women. He also said that referral mechanisms should also be well publicised so that people know where to call for help.

Chief. Acevedo also said that the partnership between NGOs and Police is very close in United States.

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