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Capacity Building of Child Welfare Committee Malda organised

MALDA CWCShakti Vahini  organized a capacity building meeting for all the members and the chairperson of Malda Child Welfare Committee on December 15, 2013. The meeting was conducted with the purpose to strengthen the functioning of the Child Welfare Committee.

Citing various landmark order passed by the Child Welfare Committees in Delhi Mr. Subir Roy, Director (Programmes and Projects) of Shakti Vahini dwelt at length about the restoration process of the children, judicial power of the CWC and how to sensitize the police officers on mandatory production of the Children in Need of care and Protection before the Child Welfare Committee.

Regarding restoration of the children Mr. Roy said that the order for restoration of the child shall be made by the CWC on the basis of a fair hearing of the child and his/her parents or guardian, as well as on the reports of the child welfare officers or non governmental organizations directed by the committee to conduct the home study. Shakti Vahini is ready to conduct home study of the children if the CWC direct them. He  added, “as per the recommendations of the Home Study report the restoration can be done and if the Home investigation report does not support the restoration then the child can be transferred to his/her respective state home so that he/she can live in their own culture and customs.”

In the meeting it was also discussed that the CWC has the power to take suo motu cognizance on the news reports. According to an order passed by a Delhi CWC, the committee took cognizance on a news reports as the child was considered as 18 during investigation and was not produced before the committee. Besides, the CWC committee can direct the police for registering FIR in case of cognizable offence and also order the law enforcement agencies to recover the wages of the child if any as per the amount of minimum wages as announced by the state government.

In the meeting discussion was also held on various advisories and guidelines passed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The Chairperson Mr. Hasan Ali Shah said, “The committee has been working proactively and in the recent case of a father gambles his daughter in Malda the CWC has already taken cognizance.” He added, “the visit of the then member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights Mr. Vinod Kumar Tikoo was very helpful in proactive functioning of the CWC.”

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