Shakti Vahini in association with the U.S Consulate General, Kolkata, hosted the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Youth Champions Conclave from 13th March 2019 to 16th March’ 2019 at American Centre, Kolkata, which marked as the eighth international gathering of stakeholders, bringing over 130 youth leaders and stakeholders from the U.S., India, Nepal and Bengladesh.

The International Conclave witnessed participation of youth leaders, who were extremely enthusiased in bringing a change in the society and to take active steps in ending Human Trafficking. After hosting 130 youth leaders in March, Shakti Vahini and U.S Consulate General, Kolkata organised a follow up of the Youth Champions Conclave from 30th July’ 2019 to 31st July’ 2019, inviting all the participants who had undertaken effective steps and activities to combat the crime of Human Trafficking post the previous Conclave and to share the same with all the other participants at the Conclave.

In order to select few participants, who had taken active participation in spreading awareness towards human trafficking, a mail was sent out to all the participants, who were invited to the Conclave conducted in March, asking them to send a brief report of not more than 2 pages, including all the activities they have conducted within the time period of 3 months. On the basis of which they will be invited for the participation to the follow up Conclave. By 30 June 2019, all the participants submitted their respective group/individual reports, out of which only 50 students from Bangladesh, Nepal and India, were selected on the basis of their contribution in spreading the awareness towards the crime of Human Trafficking.

The analysis was made with the help of the awareness sessions organised by them, the reach out programs conducted, their publications in newpapers, social media campaigns and participation in group discussions to initiate conversation on Human Trafficking.

Once the list of selected participants were decided, a confirmation mail was sent to them asking for their availability for the dates on which the Conclave was organised. After receiving the confirmation by each participant in written, their flights tickets and hotel accomodation were booked and the details of the same were provided to them immediately. With all the arrangements being made, the participants were then informed about the activities in which they were expected to take part during the Conclave. The list of activities included a collage making session, where the participants were asked to bring photos and campaign materials in advance, to prepare a collage to be used for display, in the boards that was assigned to each team, as a part of the group activity.

The participants were also asked to make presentations of their projects, group wise, on the first day of the conclave. For which each team was asked to send a power point presentation on their projects in advance. They were also duly informed that each team will be provided only 3 minutes to make their presentations, for which it has to be precise and to the point.