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Woman, girl rescued from Haryana

Haryana Trafficking


Guwahati, Dec. 27: A mother of two who was sold off as a bride and a minor girl who was held captive by a man, both from Morigaon district of Assam, were rescued from Haryana in two separate raids this week.

A police source said the 32-year-old woman, a mother of two kids, was lured by a man from Bongaigaon district with the promise of a job in Delhi.

While her husband and children stayed in Morigaon, she went to Delhi in the hope of a job that could get her out of penury but was instead handed her over to a trafficker who sold her to a man in Haryana for Rs 67,000.

The man forced her into marriage and subjected her to the worst form of slavery. “She would perform household chores the entire day and at night the man would exploit her sexually,” the source said.

After three months, the woman somehow managed to call her family, following which a police team from Assam went to Haryana and rescued her with the help of their counterparts in that state on Wednesday. A case has been registered in Morigaon.

The minor girl was rescued from Faridabad town by police with the help of an anti-trafficking non-governmental organisation, Shakti Vahini.

Rishi Kant of Shakti Vahini said the 10-year-old revealed during counselling that she had been taken to Haryana by her elder sister, who is married into a family there. Her sister got her a job with one Nempal, who kept her confined in his house under Sarai Khwaja police station.

“The victim was forced to do all kinds of household work, including washing utensils and clothes, cleaning and taking care of Nempal’s kids. During the rescue operation, the girl was found extremely traumatised,” Kant said.

“Unable to bear the torture, the girl somehow escaped from the house but was caught by Nempal. When the residents of the locality opposed this, he shifted her to another house in a nearby lane.”

The NGO was tipped off about the girl’s plight by one of its sources. “We immediately contacted Haryana police who sent a team to rescue the girl from Nempal’s residence. During the rescue operation, the team faced stiff resistance,” he said, adding that the girl was held captive for 21 days.

The minor was produced before Faridabad Child Welfare Committee after a medical examination.

According to the committee’s directive, the girl was given shelter at a children’s home. Simultaneously, Shakti Vahini contacted the Morigaon superintendent of police and told him about the girl.

“The SP took swift action and sent a team of Assam police to Faridabad. He also sent a letter requesting the girl’s custody. The Child Welfare Committee, Faridabad, handed over the girl to Assam police and directed them to produce her before the Child Welfare Committee, Morigaon, and submit a report,” Kant said.

Reasons for trafficking from Assam
Displacement and loss of livelihood because of communal violence, flood and erosion
Acute poverty
Demand for domestics in metros
Shortage of girls for marriage in Haryana and Punjab
Lack of sustainable job opportunities

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