Trafficked kids forced into labour, prostitution


GURGAON: During the past eight months, Childline (1908) intervened in 182 cases where children were in need of care and protection. The victims included kids trafficked for labour, prostitution and forced marriages. Many of them hailed from villages of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and Assam.According to the NGO Shakti Vahini, which runs Childline in Gurgaon, over 100 cases were related to trafficking alone, many of which involved prostitution and child labour.Subir Roy, director, programmes and projects, said, “There are about eight cases where FIRs were registered in Gurgaon itself.

In most other cases, complaints were registered in the victim’s home states.”Missing cases followed those of trafficking. Over 30 such cases were reported in the span of the past eight months. Rishi Kant, spokesperson, Shakti Vahini, said, “Trafficked children are promised good jobs in big cities. They fall easy prey as they belong to extremely poor families which find it difficult to get meals twice a day. But life is far from what they are promised. They are made to work for long hours, never get paid and in many cases sexually abused.”

“This is a common story of hundreds of men women and children, who are trafficked on the pretext of a good job in city, Kant added.In a particular incident (in December 2011), one trafficked minor was rescued from Rajouri Garden by a joint operation of the crime branch, Delhi Police and Shakti Vahini. The minor girl was allegedly employed by an illegally run placement agency in Gurgaon. The girl was trafficked along with her minor cousin by one Jairam Urao and they were then sold to a placement agency in Gurgaon. While one minor was rescued, the whereabouts of the other is yet to be ascertained.In another case, Sonia (name changed) was trafficked from Manipur in March last year by one Bikku Rampal and sold for marriage in Gurgaon. The minor girl was rescued by the NGO with the help of Gurgaon Police. The case was registered at the Sekmai police station in Manipur.

During the rescue, the girl was found in a traumatic condition. Four accused – Bikku Rampal, Ashok Damu, Vijay Mahto and Arun Rampal were arrested in the crime.In August 2011, a major sex racket was busted by Childline and Haryana police. The racket was run by a married couple who allegedly bought young women trafficked from various states and forced them into prostitution. Three women were rescued by the police with the support of the NGO.

The gang was busted after one of the victims was spotted by a team of the NGO in the Kamla Market area of central Delhi.She disclosed that she belongs to Bihar and had been brought to the capital about a year ago by her husband. Her husband sold her off to a woman living in Gurgaon for Rs 60,000. Since then she was forced to sex trade. Roy informed Childline also receives local child labour cases along with those related to medical emergency, exam stress and restoration of children to their families.


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    Aditi says

    Those parents aren’t that innocent either. They have got to take the responsibility of the children they bring into this world. I think most humans are exploitative by nature and that is why we need families in the first place. If the family itself can’t take care of the weaker ones, why would anybody else bother? Not to say that the criminals are to be let free with this blame shifting on the parents but definitely the parents are to be blamed, particularly when they pretend to be innocent enough to send their daughters out to work in an unknown place and get her earnings every month. The truth is that even parents are not bothered about daughters, and when their plight is uncovered publicly, the parents wear a mask of innocence. They should be punished.

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    ranu mathur says

    i solely appriciate your efforts shakti vahini..i wish to join your NGO..

    i am a graduate and currently working in MNC!!


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