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Shakti Vahini attaches the Highest Level of ethics in all our Rescue Operations

Shakti Vahini has a Child Protection Policy which each and every member of the organization has to strictly adhere to.  All our rescue operations for rescuing trafficked children are conducted as per the Standard Operating Protocols prepared by the UNODC in collaboration with Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Women and Child, Government of India. We also follow the various advisories issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

We follow the highest level of ethics during rescue operations and work in collaboration with various state police agencies. In most of our rescue operations trained women social workers are part of the rescue teams.

 In the implementation of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act 2000 we act in the best interest of the Child while strictly adhering to the Juvenile Justice Rules.  Each rescued child in need of care and protection is counselled by our trained social workers and produced before the Child Welfare Committee as constituted under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act 2000.

 In cases of the Children who are victims of sexual assault the same is reported to the Child Welfare Committee and it is the Child Welfare Committee which takes the statements of the child and further issues orders for the statement to be recorded in front of appropriate authorities.

 We strictly ensure that the rescued trafficked child is at once separated from the traffickers and if the victim is a girl child than women counsellors accompany the victim in all process like process in the police station, medical examination , production before Child Welfare Committee, and statement before the magistrate. This is very important as it helps in building the confidence of the victims as many of these processes are time consuming, lengthy which the child finds difficult to cope with.

Human Trafficking is an organized crime and our social workers and counselors are taking very serious risk on their life and body when they are part of rescue operations in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Many of the rescue operations are conducted during night time and our team of women social workers are in the forefront and take very serious risk and participate in rescue operations. We salute our women social workers and all workers who take such risks.

 We understand that as part of the fight against human trafficking we are part of various court and government processes. Many a times FIR and cases are registered against Traffickers on the proactive work done by us. We understand that each step we take should be in the best interest of the Child and women and each of these step will be open for judicial and administrative scrutiny.

In all our rescue operations we ensure presence of government officials and law enforcement and we strictly adhere to the highest level of ethics. We have nothing to hide and all our case documents are shared with the Police and law enforcement agencies.

We welcome any investigation ordered by any statutory authorities and courts and we know that finally it is going to strengthen the organization. Work done in Public Interest should be open for review and scrutiny .

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