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Complaint Submitted to NCPCR on Dwarka Case

Complaint Submitted to NCPCR on Dwarka Case

  1. An investigation needs to be done as to how and with whom the mother reached Delhi and who made her to issue statements.
  2. When where and how the Police got custody of the Mother.
  3. Why was she provided support to stay in Nari Niketan when there was enough proof that she might have been coerced and under pressure to convince the child to retract her statements. Also when Rs75,000 has been offered by the couple it becomes more certain that pressure on mother was immense.  The fact is that it is only the mother who could get access to the child
  4. By placing the child mother also in Nari Niketan the pressure on the child is increased and will cause immense trauma to both of them.
  5. Why has the Jharkhand Government not been involved to provide the residential support to mother and also protective support to the child so that they are assured of state support as  the case is now ten days old.
  6. Why has the Anti Human Trafficking Unit not been involved in the the trafficking investigations?


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