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A call to youth to raise voice against Human Trafficking


A Call, to raise young voices against the cruelest form of human right Violation, i.e. human trafficking, has reached Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi. Shakti Vahini organised a talk/sensitization programme in collaboration with Women Development Cell, with the young students of A.R.S.D College on 28th October, 2014. During the talk a discussion was held about the gravity of the issue of Human Trafficking for the purpose of Domestic Servitude, prostitution, Forced marriages, Bonded Labour, Child labour etc.

An interactive session was taken by Mr. Rishi Kant, Social Activist from Shakti Vahini whereby he described the modus operandi of the traffickers as well and the extreme violation of human rights that the victims face. Mr. Kant mentioned the approx 1lakh children are missing from the country and it is a major concern for each and every individual of the society. Everyday young girls and children from states like West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are at huge risk of being trafficked into our houses as domestic slaves, forced into prostitution, forced marriages and bonded slavery.

Talking about prostitution, he said that young girls are being lured on the pretext of good job, education and marriages. Once they reach cities like Delhi they are beaten up and raped repeatedly and then pushed into prostitution. It is very disturbing to know that a girl of mere 15-16 years is forced to attend 20 to 25 customers in a day. Many trafficking racket also supply girl into gulf countries. There are some rackets that give injections to minor girl to make them look major and are then traded cross borders.

IMG_9667Due to skewed sex ratio in North India, young girls are also trafficked and sold as brides in states like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. A girl is sold for mere 50,000 rupees as commodity to marry off with men double or even triple of their age.

Mr. Kant also shared the role o placement agencies in trafficking young girls and forcing them into affluent houses to work as domestic workers. The placement agents target young girls majorly from remote and tribal areas and then either by luring the girls and family or by kidnapping bring these girls to Delhi. The placement agencies take around Rs 30,000/- as advance from the employer to place a girl as domestic worker in their houses. The salary that a girl earns from her work is also taken by the placement agents which never reach the victim or her family.

 After the session, Students came up with the questions and feedback. Students also pledge to not to ignore any person who can be a victim of trafficking and will inform the concern authority about the same. Shakti Vahini believes that the youth of the country have immense energy which can be channelized towards social cause and such programmes with youth will present a real picture of the victims to this group of our society.  With this objective in mind Shakti Vahini is reaching out to students of universities, colleges and Schools.


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