Minor Rescued from Forced Prostituion at GB Road in Delhi

Forced Prostituion

Forced Prostituion

A 16 year old girl was rescued on 6th August, 2014 from Delhi’s red light area G.B Road with a joint rescue operation by Delhi Police, West Bengal Police and NGO Shakti Vahini. The rescue operation was conducted after a tip off by a phone call made by an informer to the family of the victim. The West Bengal Police then contacted Shakti Vahini and later a team was constituted for raid along with Kamla Market police followed by a successful raid at a brothel in G.B road.

The victim belongs to a poor family of north 24 Pargana district of West Bengal and was studying in 10th class when she went missing on 26th June, 2014. The victim’s family approached the local police station when she did not return from school and an FIR was registered on 28th June, 2014. After a couple of weeks later, the family of the victim received a phone call mentioning her whereabouts. He informer informed that the victim girl is at a brothel in G.B Road.

Earlier a raid was also conducted by Kamla Market police, West Bengal police and Shakti Vahini on 5th August for the search of the victim but the girl was not found. Later on 6th August, 2014 a raid was again conducted in different brothel from where the girl was rescued. The accused Roshni @ Pinky was also held.

Shakti Vahini

Shakti Vahini

The victim said that around two months back while she was on her way to her doctor’s clinic she met a lady named Shonali who befriended her and they both exchanged their contact numbers. Around two to three days later, the victim started receiving calls from an unknown person who tried to lure her on the pretext of marriage. On 26th June, 2014, when she was in her way back to home from her school, she was forcefully pulled into a car by a boy who gave her some sedatives. He took her to a hotel, where he raped her and next morning handed her over to another lady named Madhvi. Madhvi brought her to Delhi and kept her in a house of Roshini @ pinky for two days in Kotla Mubarakpur. Meanwhile the boy who used to call her from some unknown number called on one of the lady’s number and told the victim to do whatever the ladies tell her to. She stayed there for two days with Madhvi and Roshni and was beaten up badly for objecting. Both the ladies forced her into prostitution and took her to a brothel in G.B Road.

After two weeks, the victim was shifted to some other brothel at the G.B Road and after a week she was sent to Panipat where she was again forced to do prostitution. After some time she was again sent to G.B Road. One day, the victim narrated her ordeal to a customer who later informed her family. The victim also informed that she was repeatedly raped and was confined in the brothels. Whenever she objects to make relations with any customer, she was beaten up badly. She also mentioned that she was forced to attend several customers in a day without any protection.

The girl was produced in CWC after her medical on 7th August, 2014. The accused Roshni has already been held by the police while other accused have not been traced yet.

Forced prostitution

Forced prostitution


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    human2011 says

    How can the Government allow such inhuman practice to run in full knowledge of everyone???
    Those who cant control their sexual appetite should marry or masturbate or something!
    Forcing 10th class girl into prostitution??????!!!!! How much more cruel can one get! How will this girl get justice now?!!!

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