Gender based violence is the common phenomenon in almost all the countries. Religions, Customs, age – old prejudices has been the major factors. Apart from these factors, meagre participation of women in education, economic spheres and the value system which has been against women have made women dependent on men. All these factors have made women ignorant of their rights and if not, they do not have easy access to justice.

Violence can be of different forms. Physical violence which includes assault, serious injuries or burns etc. Sexual violence which includes extreme form of rape resulting in taking away the dignity of a person. Verbal abuse which includes use of filthy language etc. Social violence which includes humiliation from the community. Emotional violence includes depriving a person from love, care, concern etc. Other forms of violence includes financial, violence, denial of education, access to health facilities etc. Gender Based Violence that threatens the well being, rights and dignity of women has emerged as the global issue

The issues related to gender based violence are being raised and discussed in different forums. Therefore to understand and address the issue Gender Based Violence, the two days workshop had been organised by US Consulate General, Kolkata in collaboration with Shakti Vahini in Guwahati. Participants were of diverse population comprising of the students from North East Universities, Delhi University, Sikkim University etc (though they were not able to attend die to the cancellation of the flight). It was the mixture group, coming together to share the same platform. The programme was initiated by different guest speakers from different parts of the world.