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Chirag Dilli, Kotla emerging as transit hub for human trafficking

Chirag Dilli, Kotla emerging as transit hub for human traffickingPUBLISHED IN THE TIMES OF INDIA

NEW DELHI: South Delhi is fast emerging as transit hub for trafficking of children and teenagers from West Bengal and Jharkhand to various parts of the country.

The arrested women have revealed the victims are first brought to Kotla Mubarakpur or, at times, Chirag Dilli where they are ‘trained’ before dispatch to placement agencies and red light areas. “The ones to be sent out to other north Indian states are moved to kotha no. 64 on G B Road in central Delhi and those meant to be in Delhi are moved to other kothas,” said a source.

This time, police raided a building called Chaudhary in Kotla where they obtained the leads. The Sabzi Mandi road in Chirag Dilli is another hideout, the source said. “The victims are mostly from West Bengal and Jharkhand,” Rishi Kant from Shakti Vahini said.

Seasoned officers from the anti-human trafficking unit say maid abuse and sexual exploitation should be dealt with jointly. “They are two sides of the same coin. A holistic approach is required with states joining hands,” an officer said.

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