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62 Minor Girl & Boys Rescued


62 Minor Girl & Boys Rescued
Joint Rescue Operation of Delhi Police & CID Ranchi, Jharkhand Police in cooperation of NGO Shakti Vahini.
62 Boys & Girls rescued from 7 Placement Agencies.
54 minor girls, 8 minor boys .

A joint Team of P.S. Subhash Place, North West District, CID Ranchi, Jhakhand Police and NGO Shakti Vahini rescued 62 girls & boys hailing from different parts of the country, from various placement agencies in Shakurpur, Delhi.


On the intervening night of 25/12/12 & 26/12/12 on the basis of secret information a joint team of P.S. Subhash Place and Ranchi, Jharkhand Police raided at various places in J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi for rescuing minor boys and girls.


During the course of enquiry it came to light that some minor girls/boys hailing from different parts of the country were placed by some placement agencies and their agents for work at various places in Delhi on which a joint team of Delhi Police and CID Ranchi headed by DSP of Jharkhand Police alongwith NGO Shakti Vahini

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raided at various placement agencies situated in J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
During raids at various placement agencies a total of 62 girls & boys are rescued of which 54 are minor girls, 8 minor boys. The placement agencies from which boys and girls are rescued are as such:

  1. R.B.R. ENTERPRISES owner name is Rajesh Vishwa S/o Saila Vishwa R/o B-190, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  2. Saint Anna Placement Agency owner name is Mahinder Kumar S/o Aneshwar Sanu R/o G-25, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  3. M.M. Consultant Bureau owner name is Manoranjan Shu S/o Sh. Doman Sahu R/o E-48, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  4. R.S. Enterpriser owner name is Poonam w/o Raja rR/o B-7, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  5. New Star Placement owner name is Sapna w/o Kajal R/o B-72, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  6. Krishna Enterprises owner name is Krishna Kumar Sahu S/o Chatur Sahu R/o B-232, J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.
  7. Gayatri Enterprises owner name is Gayatri w/o Reet Manjan R/o B-180 J.J. Colony, Shakurpur, Delhi-34.




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